Trendy Accessories to Spruce Up Your Look

Trendy accessories to spruce up your look

Trendy Accessories to Spruce Up Your Look

Accessories everyone should have in their wardrobe, the must-haves…

With the right accessories, one can make a simple dress look super stylish. Ask any fashionista or stylist? The trick lies in accessorizing. Accessorizing well!!! Well, this brings us to an important fashion decision. “What new trends are worth following?” 

The answer is, instead of picking up random seasonal trends invest in accessories that add class, versatility and remain up-to-date in every season. Let’s be honest, our wardrobe should be something that brings joy and when you carefully curate accessories, it is a complete win-win. Stress free dressing sessions and happy you!

So, here are a few tips that will accentuate your outfits to another level altogether. Want to stand out? Or bring out the diva in you? Well, follow these tips:


For every woman out there, a scarf is a must have accessory. Scarves are extremely graceful and can spice up your outfit from mundane to exceptionally awesome. Buy them in different colors, prints and get creative with the wrapping of the scarf such as using it like a headband, as a neck accessory, knotted shawl and many more. Scarves go well with Indian and western outfits. Style them with denims or kurtas the look will surely stand out.


Chokers are a great accessory and they team up well with traditional outfits as well as regular party outfits. How? A solid choker with precious sections or pearls looks great on ethnic wear. Perfect for weddings. They are one jewellery piece that makes a statement. For a regular outfit, pretty chokers in fabrics, or light weight material adds zing. These are a favourite amongst college girls and they pretty much make a statement.

Fancy Watches 

Let’s not forget watches when talking about accessories. Large dial watches, fancy straps, in different colors add so much style to your look. They in fact complete your look perfectly. Watches that look like bracelets, golden straps and fancy shaped dials, options are many. They definitely make your closet better.


Imagine an accessory that not only looks great but also protects your eyes from the sun. Yes, sunglasses are the eternal favourite of fashionistas. Going to work, a beach or a lunch sunglasses add glamour. Pick one that suits your face shape and this is an investment that will go a long way. 


Just like sunglasses, another classic accessory is the hat. Women wear it for the derby and that event is much awaited. Moreover, you can add it into your daily style during harsh summers. Peps up your outfit and also makes for a great sun protection.

Statement jewellery

Bring out your chunky neck pieces, bracelets, hoopla earrings. These little accessories ass a touch of chic and enhance your look well. Also, remember a simple stud earring can never go out of trend. 

A reliable work tote or elegant clutch bag

Pick your style that complements the outfit and occasion. For instance, an elegant clutch bag in leather, Satin or Suede will surely go with any of your outfits and is perfect for an evening out or dinner.

For regular work or college, invest in a solid tote bag that has enough room to house your work essentials such as laptop and pocket for other essentials. Choose a solid single colored tote for the classic look.

Every fashionista out there knows importance of an accessory, which enhances your look. Accessories can add the zing to your plain outfit or they could be a classic subtle piece to add character to your outfit. Else they bring in bling to your personality. The choice is yours. How you intend to accessorize your outfit, it is your fashion game.

Choosing the accessories is a challenging task and most of us are in a dilemma while shopping for accessories. We want them perfect, fashionable and yet comfortable. A simple tip: buy the timeless ones and you are sorted! Buy Now!!!

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Happy shopping!!!

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