Packing Tips for the India Monsoon Season

Packing Tips for the India Monsoon Season

Packing Tips for the India Monsoon Season

Monsoon Dressing

A peek into what to pack for a weekend during monsoon or summers?

Summer has been ending with higher temperatures every year and the much awaited monsoons are right round the corner. So, it is time to prep up your monsoon wardrobe that you’ve saved for the rainy day. And if you intend to travel during the monsoon, remember an unplanned monsoon could mean unpleasant experiences, such as getting drenched and returning home with dirt on your favourite clothes.

Despite the snags associated with the rains, the pleasant breeze and the monsoon showers provide much-needed respite from the scorching summer.  There is a lot you can do for a more monsoon-friendly dressing sense to minimize discomfort. Here’s some expert advice on how to dress up this season.

Shorts, capris and skirts: They are the best bet for monsoon. Not only do they add style to your attire, they are extremely monsoon friendly. They are easy to dry and cause less discomfort in case of sudden showers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your favorite trousers getting stained while walking on a muddy road.

Dark and vibrant clothes: When choosing colors for the monsoon, pick dark colors. Especially since, the summery pastels are now done with. Choose vibrant hues when it comes to kurtas, tunics and style them with leggings or capris. The bright colors can brighten up your mood and pictures on a cloudy holiday. Pair the outfit with flip-flops and you’re ready to go!

Choose loose and easy fabrics: Elaborate outfits cause unnecessary weight and there is also an increased risk of ruining the clothes in rain. Lighter fabrics help you stray wrinkle free, they dry easily and are low on maintenance. Lycra or semi-polyester fabrics work best!

No to transparent tops: Light clothing fabrics are way different from transparent clothes. And, transparent clothes are a complete No-No during monsoons. To enjoy a perfect monsoon holiday wear good quality materials that are bright, easy to dry and also high on style!

To simply sum up, what works during monsoon are cotton clothes and partially synthetic clothes that help you dry up easily. Shorts or three-quarter pants to avoid muddied pants at the ankles and dark colored clothes that don’t stain easily are what makes up for great monsoon clothing.

 Few more pointers for monsoon dressing

Avoid jeans and corduroys: These thick fabrics do not dry easily. In fact they soak in so much water that you could be drenched for a long time making you prone to infections.

Comfortable footwear: Options here are many, water proof slip ons, floaters and boots have a sturdy grip and are easy to maintain. 

A jacket is especially when you are travelling or out on a trek. This works even better with a warm lining.

A windcheater is great too. It keeps you dry, warm and looks smart!!!

Bright and peppy umbrella: Now that the clothes and shoes are on point, it is time to spruce up your look with a bright, fun umbrella. Folding umbrellas are easy to carry, small and an extremely helpful accessory during monsoons.

PS: do not forget the all-important Mosquito Repellent or Nets, sunblock, carry bags or newspapers. All of these seem trivial but extremely useful during a monsoon trip.

 While we are now prepared for the monsoons, the other part of the world is gearing up for their summer. So why not list a few tips for the summer too!

These are a few must haves in your summer wardrobe:

  • A fresh, little white dress
  • Shorts paired with cotton tees, shirts or cropped tops
  • Jumpsuits
  • Simple, strappy maxi dress 
  • Trendy One Shoulder Dress
  • While off-the-shoulder dresses and tops 
  • Outfits in floral prints, polka prints
  • Pastel colored tunics in light cotton fabrics
  • Smart and environment friendly cotton and linen trousers 
  • Accessories such as colorful scarves, oversized sunglasses and hats
  • Shoes: you can choose from a whole lot of options such as sneakers, sandals, flip-flops. These add an effortless style that is great for days walking around any city or town.

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