8 Wardrobe Essential For Every Woman


8 Wardrobe Essential For Every Woman

As trends come and go, there are 8 wardrobe essentials that’ll last a lifetime. It’s all about the basics, the kind that will help you bring your outfits together from start to finish. In this post, I’m sharing my personal favourite all season wardrobe essentials.

Palazzo pants:

Palazzo pants currently becoming a new fashion trend. A popular Summer Season Style. This can be worn with a subtle knee length or long Kurtis it can also be paired up with Semi-formal Skirts, Shrugs, Short tops, Short shirts and camisole tops. So this season feel free to pair up your palazzo and go trendy.

Ankle Length Skirt:

Ankle length skirt vary according to cultural conceptions of modesty and aesthetics as well as the wearer’s personal taste, which can be influenced by such factors as fashion and social context. In the western world, Skirts are more commonly worn by women. Other cultures traditionally wear skirts. Here by we suggest skirts can be worn with off shoulder tops, T-shirt Crop tops, short Kurtis and floral skirts with plain T-shirts.


A jumpsuit is generally regarded as a garment of convenience, as they & are sampler to launder, put on and remove than an ensemble outfit. A jumpsuit can be twin with leather jackets, kimonos, and capes T-shirt, Denim jackets.  


Kimo long is Stylist and comfortable women’s dress. This is one of the world’s instantly recognizable garments. These can be pair up with denim, plain T-shirt, Skirt and crop top and also denim hot pants.

3/4Th Sleeve Shirts Semi-Formal:

Semi-Formal Wear is a fairly vague term used to describe wardrobe etiquette that lies somewhere between formal and cocktail dress. This can be paired up with cigarette cut past, Semi-Formal shirts with palazzo pants and can also be paired up with a kind of indo-western skirt and Patiala pants.

Pair of jeans (slim fit):

Always a pair of jeans in your closet helps you in different ways. This can also be paired up with crop tops camisoles, falling T-shirt, Boy-Friend Shirts and also with Kurtis.


T-Shirt is inceptive ones that you must have in your wardrobe essential list. You can also Twin them with overcoats, knee-length skirts hot pants and plain T-shirts with accessories.

Beaded Collars:

Beaded collars are running first in the latest fashion trend these days. These help you to give your garment a different look. These can be paired up with a semi-formal shirt and high neck bodycon dress. Can also be paired up with Kurtis even adds on a look to your plain garments.

Waist Belt With bohemian style:

Bohemian Style waist Belts gives some unique look to your garments. These kind of waist belt can also be worn with sarees kimo coats, Denims, Hot pants and also to look funky most people worn bohemian style waist belts.

Canvas Shoes:

A pair of canvas shoe in your essentials things for wardrobe helps you. This goes with your denim a well as hot pants and ankle length palazzos as well. The colour that you choose in your canvas pair gives a complete look to your outfit.

Statement bag:

You Carry statement bag with you every day; everywhere you go, So why not have a great bag that you can be extremely proud of?… You should choose a bag which shapes are classic, So they will never go out of style, and try to choose neutral colours. It is a fashion statement, a way to express your style and creativity. This is an integral part of your outfit.   

As you add to your closet dabble in new trends that you fall in love with! Wardrobe staples like these will play the supporting role to those star-studded pieces that you sprinkle in each season. so  stock up your closet with one (or all) of these essentials.

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